Monday, February 8, 2016

What Represents Someone

In our society everyone is unique and has their own quirk that represents them or their personality. I have my own unique traits and I have an object that matches me spot on because I share those certain traits.The artifact that represents me is a pop radio station because it’s loud and  you never know what type of music the station is going to play.I chose this concept to represent me because my actions are unpredictable in my personality and I will never portray a single role which is what makes “me”unique.There are different types of music that play everyday and some people may like the song on a certain day while others would skip it.The truth is I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I know that as I am loud and I know some or most people hate loud people.Every single person on this planet has something that distinguishes them from everyone else and they may not know what that thing is yet.This thing may be a talent,personality,appearance,or outlook on life but no matter what, a person is unique.People are different and no one can change who they’re so next time you should try new music on the radio and see if you like its vibes because blues music will never be pop music and they both have their own unique effective styles.Being able to be unique in the USA is what makes our country different than most.A handful of countries believe that being unique is a wrong concept and everyone and everything needs to be uniform.I highly disagree with this concept and I believe in a bright future for this world ,but the only way to do that is stop with this uniform society nonsense everyone should…...BE UNIQUE!

What Represents You?



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